Weighting sections of the page higher or lower

Content in Pagefind’s index can be ranked higher or lower. These weights will be taken into account when Pagefind ranks your search results, and will also be used when generating excerpts of your content to preview.

#Default rankings

Pagefind will boost the h1 through h6 tags above any other content on the page. By default, content is ranked as:

Element Ranking
h1 7.0
h2 6.0
h3 5.0
h4 4.0
h5 3.0
h6 2.0
All other elements 1.0

#Ranking content higher or lower

You can specify your own ranking via the data-pagefind-weight attribute:

    <p data-pagefind-weight="2">
        The main description text of the page.
        If the search term matches this section,
        this page will be boosted higher in the
        result ranking.
        Other, less important text.
        This defaults to a weight of 1.
    <p data-pagefind-weight="0.5">
        Very unimportant text.
        Matching words in this block are only worth half a normal word.

Custom weights can be set to any number between 0.0 and 10.0.

Weightings are ranked using a quadratic scale, so a ranking of 2.0 will have roughly 4 times the impact of standard text, and a weighting of 10.0 will have roughly 100 times the impact.